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Sat Hon

In the heart of Guangzhou, where time softly hums tales of ancient epochs, Dr. Sat Hon (韩锡泉) listened intently. Fueled by an insatiable thirst, he sailed the vast river of enlightenment, touching the esteemed halls of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, then journeying to Connecticut College's intricate labyrinths of Movement Analysis and Dance Therapy, and tracing the neural pathways at Princeton's bastion of Neuroscience.

His heart, ever inquisitive, plunged into the mystical depths of ancient Chinese linguistics, bathing in whispers that have danced on the lips of venerable sages.

In 2018, the soulful song of his roots beckoned him home. And as the spring rain quenches a thirsting land, Beijing Normal University opened its arms to Dr. Hon's (韩锡泉) illuminating workshop on inner alchemy. 

Glowing testimonials to his healing touch and enlightening lessons are woven by revered names like Philip Glass, Lou Reed, and Sigourney Weaver, to name a few.

Amidst the cacophonous symphony of New York City, a haven of serenity rises – Dr. Hon's (韩锡泉) sanctuary, Qigong and Taiji Dantao Center. For decades, it has stood as a lighthouse, guiding wandering spirits to vitality's shores.

His soul's artistry breathes through films like "Chaotic Harmony" and "Taiji on 23rd Street", while written symphonies such as "Taoist Qigong for Health and Vitality" chart constellations of holistic health.

The legacy of Tai Chi Chuan courses through Dr. Hon's (韩锡泉) veins, a gift from his master, Gu Hanjing (顾涵敬). Treading beyond the realm of the tangible, his path converges with the ethereal art of longevity, tracing back to the mythical Li Qingyun (李清云), a living testament to tales of old.

Cloud Dantao, a digital sanctum, captures the profound intricacies of Dr. Hon's (韩锡泉) journey. Rooted in ancestral wisdom and reaching towards the ever-evolving firmament of modern inquiry, it exemplifies the dance between past and future.


Principal Teacher & Founder of Cloud Dantao
and Dantao Center, NYC
Later on Sifu Hon studied the Shaolin Kung Fu

Sifu Hon has a broad martial arts background with extensive training in qigong, Taoist interior alchemy, and Buddhism. He additionally studied neuroscience and modern dance choreography. As part of his Master's thesis, he studied with Native American shaman and their sacred dances.


Additionally as a young child in Hong Kong, he met Yi Meng, Bruce Lee's teacher.  This was his first entry into Kung Fu.

hon sat chuen OMD doctor.jpg
Finally, he encountered the miracle of Taiji Quan

Taoist Alchemy

260 old master.jpg
My Grandmaster:
Lee Chin Yuen 265 years old
Master Jou.jpg
My Taoist teacher:
Master Zhou Jong Hwai
koo sat 1982 b.jpg
My late Master: H.K. Koo who studied with Lee Chin Yuen as a young lieutenant during the Sino-Japan War.


master wang tze peng.jpg
My Grandmaster Wang Li Peng
My Grandmaster Prof. Cheng
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