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August Recess

In the lingering warmth of summer and the gentle whisper of the approaching fall, our online classes will pause, allowing each of us a moment to breathe deeply with the rhythm of the seasons. We will reconvene our journey of learning and growth after Labor Day in September, refreshed and ready to embrace the rich tapestry of lessons that await us. May this break offer you a serene space for personal reflection and renewal. Looking forward to our continued exploration together.

Online Qigong
Weekly Classes

Tuesday & Thursday

Classes can be purchased individually: $25

or per week: All 2 classes for $50

Teacher: Sifu Sat Hon



11AM - Noon

Immortality Qigong


Immortality qigong is based on the Taoist alchemical practice of regenerating body and brain.  The practice of this qigong is akin to taking a shriveled rose and dipping it in a fountain of youth. Gradually the rose returns to its full glorious bloom once again.


11AM - Noon

Hermetic Taiji

This form was created by Taoist cave-dwelling hermits, who within a confined space practiced this form for health, as well as seated meditation.  Hermetic Taiji is perfect when for a small confined space, yet it is very effective in the interweaving of the energy from Heaven and Earth. It is distinct from the common taijiquan of the Yang Family style or other styles because all you need is a small space, no bigger than a little bathroom.   It is time now to reveal this.

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